CP3 Spyder Paragon

Our signature marker, after numerous trials and revisions we decided on this as our final design after meeting rigorous demands and all the desired features. CP3 markers were intended originally for our personal use in the quest for the perfect scenario marker. Nothing is held back - only the best parts and materials are used for a high quality upgradeable marker. Once it was good enough for us, it was reproduced exactly to be sold to the public in its most perfect form. It only made sense to call something this perfect the CP3 Paragon.

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Unique Features

Every marker comes with a locking aluminum case. We dont want you running around scaring the neighbours, and in many places its the law to keep your gear in a case when transporting to and from the field. This also allows you to protect your investment, makes things easier for you to transport and also looks stylish at the same time.

Parts List

Popular accessories (not included in marker price)

Please note trigger modifications are no longer included as they are not permitted at some fields.