About Us

CP3 Paintball is a small business owned and operated out of Caledon, Ontario. All CP3 parts are manufactured by hand in our Caledon shop. We do not have a storefront and exclusively sell our markers via the internet. You cannot get CP3 markers from anyone other than us.

For written inquiries or mail please address to:

CP3 Paintball
53 Elite Rd
Caledon, Ontario Canada

Our phone lines are no longer in service after April first as we will be in an R&D phase. However if you need to contact us, feel free to e-mail. If you need to speak to someone on the phone, this can be arranged through email correspondance. However, our dedicated lines are discontinued.


General inquiries: info@cp3paintball.com

Warranty claims: service@cp3paintball.com

Sales: sales@cp3paintball.com